May 09, 2014

David's Tyranids

It's been a long, long time since I lat updated this blog. I had thought about closing it down a I mainly focus on my Napoleonic collection however 1 day I will move over to other none Napoleonic related collections but until then I'll post what I can from my Brother and Nephews collections.

1st up my brothers Tyranid army as it stands at the moment!
I can't remember the name of all the types but if you know what your looking at you will most probably know the names of the creatures!
I believe there are a lot more to come and some very big guys at that.
I think a lot of the bases need to be completed however still an awesome collection.
I think we need to get an Armageddon type game arranged at some point.
Can you imagine seeing this mass of killers coming towards you at full speed?

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