September 08, 2009

Perry Samurai

A friend from the Motherwell wargames club had these little guys in with him and I couldn't resist having a go at them.
I have since found out they are from Perry Miniatures. I started off with 28mm napoleonic's years ago but haven't really done any figure painting bigger than 20mm for years so I thought it was about time that I broaden my horizons again.
I have always found Japanese history very interesting if not pretty chaotic and have been looking for a reason for years to have a search about for more info on the country and it's violent past and what better way than some Samurai!


  1. Great job on the kimono and the face especially! looks like the real deal

  2. Thanks Brian,
    Glad you like them. Didn't notice anyone had left comments on my posts until today. Thanks for your comment.