September 11, 2011

Davids Tyranids 2

It has been an awful long time since I posted an update. I have managed to just about maintain my Naps blog over the past months but this and my Carluke Wargames Club blog has been badly neglected.
Yesterday I managed to attend our club and my Nephew David brought down a couple of Tyranids that he has been working on.

 This is actually 1 I started work on but only took it to a base coat before I lost interest. Young David decided it was about time it was finished off.

 I can't remember what these beasts are called now but I think they are a couple of main dudes.

 This is a very small part of the David's Tyranid collection and I'll get more pics uploaded when I get the time.

February 14, 2011


So more figures from young David (I will have to stop calling him young David soon as he has now hit 18!)

These are from David's 15mm FOW collection that he has put together himself. All US.

What I found really interesting is that he was searching all around the web and FOW info for how to paint the vehicles and in the end he came back to myself to ask how I did my 1/72 scale vehicles. It seems that the airbrushing, detailing and basing is pretty much the same.

I was well surprised that the price of the FOW 15mm stuff is as expensive as the 1/76 and 1/72 scale stuff I did so long ago!

Davids Ultramarines 1

And some of my nephews awesome Ultramarines and again he has an awful lot that are not shown!

My brother David actually scratch built a Thunderhawk gunship!!! It is superb but unpainted at the moment.

I have to admit that I do like the idea of Assault Marines with jetpacks blasting around the battlefield.

And the main guy himself, can't remember his spelling(Marneus Calgar?). I will check later and correct it.

And a regular grunt with yet to be completed base.

Not sure when these guys will be completed as young David jumps from subject to subject just as much as me!

And I believe this is a dreadnought painted my David snr and again the base is not finished!

February 12, 2011

David's Displays

Over the years my brother David, my nephew David and myself have built up quite a collection of 1/72 and 1/76 scale models in plastic, resin and metal and this is just a small part of the collection!

It would be fair to say we were over the top with our collecting.

We collected everything from late to early war by many manufacturers (Milicast, Esci, UM, ACE, Revell, PST, Planet Model etc). I had no space for the collection so it was up to the Davids to house the lot.

We have so many unbuilt and half built kits it is unbelievable, even after a couple of my friends helped me part with a good many of them last year I still have probably over 200 resin, plastic and also metal kits stuck in my loft.

I am getting my loft floored and turning part into a painting room at the moment and I plan on going back to building and painting my WW2 models once again. However I would guess a large amount of the boxed kits will find their way onto ebay!

Most of the models you can see were done before I joined a local modelling club and bought my 1st airbrush so you will see that the weathering is very dark in areas. Still you have to start somewhere and we got a lot of enjoyment out of our wee vehicles and figures.

January 23, 2011

David's ACW

My brother David and my nephew David and I headed down to Dumfries for the Albinach Show yesterday and I had my camera in my bag so I thought I would take some pictures of their collection of figures and vehicles when we returned. Some Confederate command.

These are all 15mm ACW from David snrs large collection.

This is some eye candy for the table. I think it will be an ammunition wagon?

It is not a period I really know so I will let the pictures speak for themself mostly.

The figures are from different makes, Old Glory, AB and many more. More eye candy, a couple of confederate limbers and guns.

An unknown general (unknown to me that is!).

And some red guns (I think David seen this in a book?).

And a small Rebel unit.

And here is a WIP photo of some of David's Perry 28mm ACW figures. I'll show some close up pictures when they are all finished.

January 02, 2011

Isherman in 1/72 scale

A happy and peaceful New Year to everyone around the world!!!

1st up for the year is a model I painted almost 12 years ago that I recently discovered pictures of, so here they are. I had never worked on Israeli armour before and really only did this (and a Centurian) for a friend who wanted me to paint them for someones collection. Someone else built the kit and the only details I added were the antenna and also some little lights.

I base coated the vehicle in shades of earth tinted with a little green and then progressively lightened the colour until I reached a colour scheme I was happy with. I then worked on the base imprinting the track shape into polyfila mixed with white glue I then added various grades of grit and then bound this with white glue mixed with water.

The base was also given a spray with various earth and sand shades and lightened to almost white in areas and finally dry brushed in sand/white. Once the kit was joined with the base I went about matching the 2 together with pastels and the vehicle also received a light wash with a little burnt umber and black oils diluted. The markings were penciled on then hand painted.

I think the figures are also from Exokit and are very slim with sunken faces I tried to get as much detail as I could from them.

Although Israeli armour is not generally my thing and I didn't build the kit I did enjoy taking it to a finish. Not knowing anything about the subject I cannot comment on the accuracy of the model.

The model seems to have a lot of good points with lots of detail around and many hatches open the only thing I was not so happy with was the dip in the gun barrel. Overall I am pleased with the final result.