January 23, 2011

David's ACW

My brother David and my nephew David and I headed down to Dumfries for the Albinach Show yesterday and I had my camera in my bag so I thought I would take some pictures of their collection of figures and vehicles when we returned. Some Confederate command.

These are all 15mm ACW from David snrs large collection.

This is some eye candy for the table. I think it will be an ammunition wagon?

It is not a period I really know so I will let the pictures speak for themself mostly.

The figures are from different makes, Old Glory, AB and many more. More eye candy, a couple of confederate limbers and guns.

An unknown general (unknown to me that is!).

And some red guns (I think David seen this in a book?).

And a small Rebel unit.

And here is a WIP photo of some of David's Perry 28mm ACW figures. I'll show some close up pictures when they are all finished.


  1. are the red guns from the film Gettysburg? I can remember seeing some "web" discussion on this. the figures are absolutely fantastic. Must be in the genes. Complements also on the new Brigadier

  2. Not sure D although David must have seen them somewhere and I would say is they are in Gettysburg movie then there is a good chance that's where he seen them.
    Thanks for the kind words Des.

  3. Thanks guys,
    Glad you like them, will pass it on to David.