March 13, 2010

German Tankers Winter Uniforms

This is another set I did for Tom at Milicast a number of years ago. I really need to get some better pics of these as Tom took the pictures when he was just getting into the whole digital camera and computer thing and they are too small. Also you can see with the first figure in this set Tom has had a little tinker with photoshop removing a little beard I painted on him.

You should never reveal the secrets of the dark arts to new blood as when you leave them on their own there is no telling what they will do!!!

As These guys are in Tom's shop they have had a hell of a lot of handling as you can see. Not even 2 coats of revell matt varnish could protect them from the greasy hands of passers by!
I was pretty proud of them when I first done them as the camo was a bit of a challenge.

Germans at Rest or Prisoners?

Yip more figures I done for Tom down at Milicast

These excellent pictures were taken my a modelling friend of mine Alex Clark who was writing a book for Osprey at the time on 1/72 scale tiger tanks.

I believe Alex has done 2 books now, 1/72 scale PzIV's and Tigers?
I was lucky enough for Alex to include a picture of 1 of my hanschar figures in the tiger book for size comparisons

I have recovered from my big swollen head. I haven't painted any WW2 figures for a few years now as my brother, nephew and I have moved onto wargaming with Napoleonic and ACW figures.

I think this picture was taken by Tom for his website?

And this is the set in it's original form. I think this is a really nice set and I always planned on putting some of them in a little scene in normandy sitting at the side of the road with a couple of British (or Canadian) soldiers drinking wine as a Sherman firefly rolls past. One day I'll get it done as I have the shermans built and packed away in the loft.