March 13, 2010

Germans at Rest or Prisoners?

Yip more figures I done for Tom down at Milicast

These excellent pictures were taken my a modelling friend of mine Alex Clark who was writing a book for Osprey at the time on 1/72 scale tiger tanks.

I believe Alex has done 2 books now, 1/72 scale PzIV's and Tigers?
I was lucky enough for Alex to include a picture of 1 of my hanschar figures in the tiger book for size comparisons

I have recovered from my big swollen head. I haven't painted any WW2 figures for a few years now as my brother, nephew and I have moved onto wargaming with Napoleonic and ACW figures.

I think this picture was taken by Tom for his website?

And this is the set in it's original form. I think this is a really nice set and I always planned on putting some of them in a little scene in normandy sitting at the side of the road with a couple of British (or Canadian) soldiers drinking wine as a Sherman firefly rolls past. One day I'll get it done as I have the shermans built and packed away in the loft.


  1. great painting, I like the cammo.
    They could be usefull for both resting and prisoners.

  2. Excellent use of color...I like the way they look

  3. Thanks for the comments guys,
    Yeah I think they would be great in both uses too Paul.

    Thanks Captain, I have had to put all my modelling stuff away as I have no space to build at the moment. Very frustrating.