January 02, 2011

Isherman in 1/72 scale

A happy and peaceful New Year to everyone around the world!!!

1st up for the year is a model I painted almost 12 years ago that I recently discovered pictures of, so here they are. I had never worked on Israeli armour before and really only did this (and a Centurian) for a friend who wanted me to paint them for someones collection. Someone else built the kit and the only details I added were the antenna and also some little lights.

I base coated the vehicle in shades of earth tinted with a little green and then progressively lightened the colour until I reached a colour scheme I was happy with. I then worked on the base imprinting the track shape into polyfila mixed with white glue I then added various grades of grit and then bound this with white glue mixed with water.

The base was also given a spray with various earth and sand shades and lightened to almost white in areas and finally dry brushed in sand/white. Once the kit was joined with the base I went about matching the 2 together with pastels and the vehicle also received a light wash with a little burnt umber and black oils diluted. The markings were penciled on then hand painted.

I think the figures are also from Exokit and are very slim with sunken faces I tried to get as much detail as I could from them.

Although Israeli armour is not generally my thing and I didn't build the kit I did enjoy taking it to a finish. Not knowing anything about the subject I cannot comment on the accuracy of the model.

The model seems to have a lot of good points with lots of detail around and many hatches open the only thing I was not so happy with was the dip in the gun barrel. Overall I am pleased with the final result.


  1. Thanks Captain Richards,
    It's a model I done a very long time ago. I would very much like to get back into building my 1/72 and 1/76 scale tanks but I have no area to make them. I am hoping this will be the year I finally get the loft done and I have my own man area to build and paint stuff!
    All the best for 2011