November 08, 2009

Halloween Zombie Fun

For Halloween this year we decided to have a little fun, zombie fun!
 As the zombie woman catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror what is she thinking? Is she having flashbacks to a time when she was alive? X factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Britain's Got Talent, Banking Crisis, Wars and Corrupt Politicians . . .
Is it so bad being a Zombie? Better Zed than Dead!
 Since I was a teenager I have been a big fan of zombie films and with all the new ones in the past years and soon to be released what better to be at Halloween than Zeds . . .
 I feel my body lends itself well to becoming a zombie, out of shape and carrying a few extra pounds.
You too can achieve a zombie physic all you have to do is eat loads of take away meals, drink beer and wine, eat lots of sweets and do no exercise for a couple of years.
You have no idea how amazing it is that my wife let me show these pictures. My wife is a Filipina and from the age of 6 months has been striking a pose as soon as she hears a camera click! For my wife to show herself looking anything than at her best is a big deal so good on you Mai!!
Me, I don't mind how I look in photo's, My beauty years are well past me and most mornings I pretty much look like a zombie anyway.
The zombie wife searches aimlessly for her Doritos and white wine.
Special Effects: Talc, eye liner and tomato sauce (Heinz works best!).
And this is how we look normally . . . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Scary?
Can you believe we only got 2 small groups of trick or treaters at the start of the night and we had bought in a load of sweets and apples too since we had load of kids come round last year.


  1. S**t, Zombies! Where's me gun gone!!
    Nice one, cheers,

  2. :-) Hi Peeler, Glad you like the pics, It was fun.