April 08, 2010

Army Painter 28mm ACW

Well at the 2 wargames clubs I attend there has been a bit of a bug going around.

It's been quite infectious and it's ACW 28mm. Chris let me in on a not very well kept secret of the Army Painter Quick Shade and I decide to give it a go. ACW isn't really my thing anymore however with the thought of being able to paint like a child again and still get nice looking results.

The cry went out "just slap the paint on, you don't have to undercoat or highlight just paint on the colours and give it a dip!"

These are my sharpshooters all ready for the magic to be cast! I'll post some pics of the finished figures soon.

I have decided that once they are varnished that's them. No repainting or highlighting as I want a force ready to use fast. We will see if I manage to stick to that!

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