November 17, 2010

Pendraken 10mm ACW

A few of the guys down the club are into 10mm ACW in a big way and soe it was inevitable that I would end up joining them. My brother and I decided to go for a couple of the army packs to start us off. These are the 1st 10mm figures I have ever painted and the level of detail on them is surprisingly good.

This is a little unit of dismounted cavalry I have been working on.

These are the regular infantry figures from Pendraken with the guns altered to look like shot guns and rifles. I believe they also do the dismounted cavalry figures as a seperate pack?

I have added in some extra items to give a little interest to the bases.

My brother David picked up a bag of 10mm ACW figures and Accessories from an unknown manufacturer in a bring and buy last year. Amongst it were loads of casualties as well as destroyed and discarded items.

I have had the figures finished off for a good while but didn't get around to posting the finished units. I should have added in some of the little accessories to these guys too as they have loads of space on the bases. I think I will probably go back ad do that later?


  1. Paul,
    Excellent job...dont know how you make something so small look so good.

  2. Thanks Captain Richards,
    Really tricky little burgers but sweet figures.