September 15, 2013

FOW 9.9.13

I have neglected this blog for a good while now as I have been concentrating on my Napoleonic blog but we have recently started collecting FOW so here are a few shots from a recent game using young David's Germans and Jamie's Brits. I'll be collecting Germans and Yanks.

A couple of 6lb guns and universal carriers.

Mortar support
A wee Saxon barn with dug in Germans
My impressive shooting talking out David's lead Stug!
David starting to get his own back!
David's Germans going looking for a fight when he realises that I'm putting everything into a left flank assault.
David's Pak 40 taking out my lead Sherman.
SS commad trying to work out a plan to stem the British advance.
British vehicles at the rear.

That's it for the moment but hopefully I'll post a few more as we go on!

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