March 14, 2013

Zombie Survival Game 2012

Just after the New Year young David, Cameron and myself joined some buddies round at Dunc's house for a Zombie survival game. This was the 2nd I had been to (the 1st I was very, very drunk and can't really remember). Loads of lessons had been learned from the 1st game and Malcolm had made some interesting changes to the 2nd scenario. We rolled for our characters and I ended up with an engineer with a spade (yes a spade just like the 1st game!). Actually a very cool character as the zombies were attracted by noise and line of sight (you don't make to much noise when battering a zombie over the head with a spade!).
This was the ruined city we had to work our way through. The starting point was the fortress on the left and we had to work our way through the city to a generator on the far right. Only engineers or guys with collected tools could turn it on (things were looking good!).
Plenty of zombies milling around waiting for the sound of something living moving around!
More z's hungry for brains (the zombies were from the collections of Malcom and myself).
The game begins, myself (the chick!) and 2 hunky snipers head out into the ruined city. The little blue (and yellow) counters represent the noise you make in moving/firing etc
Cameron's character (an enforcer I believe?) went on his own merry crusade miles from anyone else for the 1st few rounds however later on he would play a big part in the survival of many!
The snipers took up position high in the ruins to have a better shot at the flesh eating threat. I have to point out that although we worked pretty much as a team we were all on our own and any of us could kill the other to gain their equipment or supplies! This guy was an absolute hero!!! He took down a good number of Z's with head shots (6) as well as slowing others and really helped a few other characters out.
The other sniper bumping off a few Z's from the 2nd floor.
Survivors heading towards the generator although not totally unseen. Track would be very lucky to survive the encounters ahead!
Zombies hunting down Track, young David and Track's buddy from France.
That's me in the bottom left managing to avoid the growing followers.
Cameron finishing off a nibbler with another couple creeping up behind.

In the end some of us got eaten and some of us survived, some others turned on their pals and stabbed them in the back and some others were hero's but it was great fun all round!!! Sorry for the crap pics but the room was awfy dark