June 20, 2012

Orks Day Out

A few weeks ago I played my 1st game of 40k since I was a kid playing with the original womble style figures. The Davids (my brother and nephew) have been building up all kinds of different 40K armies and as David snr has been working through an Ork army we used them against Space Marines.
I took the pictures with my Nokia Lumia so they are not big pictures but give you an idea ot the battlefield.
Orks on the rampage.
I think this is the heavy weapons guys?
The Marines sit and wait.
Davids workbench.
Advancing through the trees.
Close combat.
Dreadnought taking a heavy toll of my troops but in the end my Orks were victories.
More in progress shots from David's collection. Some Imperial Guard vehicles picked up on ebay that need some TLC.

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